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Quick Car Removal is Auckland’s best Car Removal Company that pays Cash for Cars. We are the Auto Buyer that vehicle owners can turn to for a quick and convenient sale for their auto. We buy any make, any model, any age and any condition of a vehicle and pay cash.


Quick Car Removal is a fully licensed and insured auto buyer that provides vehicle owners with a no nonsense, no hassle place to sell their vehicle. We provide 24/7 Car & Truck Removal services to all locations in Auckland. Our Truck Removal Services are always a courtesy to our customers and a service that we provide regardless of the condition of the vehicle, as well as the hour of the day.

Quick Car Removal fleet of tow trucks includes tilt trays and car carriers, so vehicle owners that are selling an entire car collection, or company owners selling a fleet of vehicles to update to newer models don’t have to wait to have their vehicles removed. We can provide one quick and easy Car Removal. Our company is one that pays cash for each vehicle we purchase.

Our Auto Buying System is just as quick. Vehicle owners that have an auto, regardless of its type, make, model, age, and condition simply get in touch with us over the phone or through our webpage. Once we hear from a vehicle owner requesting a quote, our appraisers will get right to work to determine a price for the offer. We have built our reputation on high payouts!

Aside from Cash for Cars payments that are paid instantly at the time we come to collect any vehicle in Auckland that the vehicle has accepted our offer, we also offer free Car Recycling and free Auto Wrecking. We are an auto buyer, wrecker, and recycler, which is how we can buy any condition of a vehicle. Used, scrap, damaged, old, wrecked or unwanted.

As a company that focuses on keeping the environment green, we practice eco-friendly car recycles, following the green principles of Auto Recycling. With this method of vehicle recycling, we manage to leave the smallest imprint on the environment, as well as put the best value for vehicles in the hands of the owners.

Our Cash for Cars offers is easy to obtain, just as scheduling free car removals.

  • Call us at 0800 50 69 69, or fill out our “get a quote” form at the top right of this page.
  • Accept or reject our Cash for Cars offer.
  • Schedule a free Car Removal.
  • Count your cash.

We will require your title of ownership or scrap title for the vehicle. There is never any pressure to sell a vehicle to Quick Car Removal once a quote is accepted.

Call us at 0800 50 69 69

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