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Running or not. Quick Car Removal wants to buy your Old Car today. We are the Auto Buyer in town that makes great Cash for Old Cars offers. Cash up to $10000. Give us a call to get your Car Sold For Cash today!

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Old Car Removals Are Scheduled within Minutes of Your Call

At Quick Car Removal, we schedule Old Car Removals to be removed the same day the vehicle owner decides they’d like their auto off their property. As our name implies, we are quick! Quick to pay you Cash for Your Old Car, and Quick to remove your vehicle from your property. When Quick Car Removal is your Old Car Buyer, we don’t waste time getting to you to buy & remove your auto.

We Pay Cash To You At The Time of Your Old Car Removal

At Quick Car Removal, you get cash in your hand before we drive off towing your old car on our tow truck. We are the Old Car Buyers in Auckland that pay up to $10000 Cash for Old Cars, and always remove the vehicle for free. Our Car Removals are quick to schedule, and our cash is just as quick to get into your hands. Just follow the instructions below to get the ball rolling.

How to Get Cash for Your Old Car & A Free Old Car Removal Today

At Quick Car Removal, we provide vehicle owners with a quick and convenient way to get their auto sold today. So, convenient, you don’t need to leave the chair you are sitting in now. We will make you a Cash for Old Cars offer over the phone or through our web page. Our system works like this:

  • 1. You contact us at 0800 50 69 69 or fill out our “get a quote” form at the top right of this page.
  • 2. We make you an offer with no pressure to accept the offer. Accept and we’ll go to step three.
  • 3. Schedule a free Old Car Removal anywhere in Auckland. Our Old Car Removals are provided to all vehicle owners selling their auto to Quick Car Removal. Our Car Removals are scheduled for all hours of the day, as well as after hours, late-night, and early morning hours. With 24/7 Car Removal Services, you can have your vehicle removed at a time convenient to your schedule.
  • 4. Gather your vehicle’s title, make sure that you have a photo ID to provide to our tow truck driver, and remove the plates for your vehicle as they will need to be turned into the Department of Transport. When we arrive, we will quickly look at the vehicle, provide you with our paperwork that states we are purchasing the vehicle, and that all liability will be transferred to us. Once all paperwork is out of the way, we will then put our Cash for Old Cars payment in your hands. We guarantee not to lower our price once we arrive; however, we do reserve the right to deny the buy should the vehicle not be in the condition that the vehicle owner claimed.

Our Old Car Removals take about a half-hour to complete. So, 10 minutes to obtain a quote, and about a half-hour to get our cash in your hands.

Give us a call today to get Cash for Your Old Car of up to $10000. We are the Old Car Buyers in Auckland that guarantee to buy your vehicle without the hassle.

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